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The following are real resumes (indentifying info, dates and small employer info have been changed).  You will notice that each takes a somewhat unique approach to applying the theoretical principles I suggest.  In most cases I believe there is still room for improvement; generally in the area of adding more numbers (quantifying the accomplishments), but they are all pretty good and generally much better than average. They differ because each person is unique and a certain style may show one person in a better light than another style. Towards the end I'll show a couple resumes that need a lot of work and are examples of what you should avoid.

High School Grad Looking for Summer Job before College

Just graduated from high school looking for engineering-related summer job

College Students Looking for Internships & First Jobs After Graduation

Information Systems student looking for first job with consulting firm

Information Systems student looking for an internship

People with Experience Looking to Move Up from Entry-Level Jobs

Lots of Experience but Light on Education

Technical Expertise and Training

Mid-Career Resume

The Resume I Used for my Academic Evangelist Job

Note: This one page resume was a condensation from my 13-page academic curriculum vitae.  There was no way I could include all my notable accomplishments for every job; I felt that Microsoft would value the breadth of my work rather than details, and I kept it to one page, even though almost every person I know would have gone with two pages. The reality was the extra detail was unnecessary for this particular job and the terseness differentiated me.

A Resume that Desperately Needs Help

Lost in the Noise: this resume has almost every common mistake. It would take a page to list every area that could be improved, but I'll bullet the big issues

-Objective much too wordy, and ends up not saying anything of value
-Too long; four pages or more won't get read
-Biggest accomplishments are buried and not emphasized
-Much too busy, and bolding key words mid-sentence doesn't work
-This person listed every piece of software they have ever heard of or used, even though it may not relate to the position they are applying for. This hurts the person's credibility. No one will believe she is actually competent/experienced with them all:  WinZip? Really?

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